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Building and running the Sample Application


The Source Code includes a small sample application. To be precise, it contains a sample development harness. The development harness is a core component of the framework. More to that in a later chapter.

The sample harness is made up of four projects:

  • SampleApplication.Harness.SL (The Silverlight Client Application)
  • SampleModel.Desktop (The assembly containing the domain model for the server)
  • SampleModel.SL (The assembly containing the domain model for the client)
  • SampleApplication.Web (The web application hosting the Silverlight Client and DevForce Business Object Server (BOS))

You don’t need a database to run the sample. It utilizes the DevForce Fake Backing Store and populates it with hardcoded sample data. We’ll talk about using the DevForce Fake Backing Store and the Sample Data Providers in a later chapter as well.

Build and Run

  1. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the source code.
  2. Open Samples\SampleApplication\SampleApplication.sln.
  3. Press F5 or use the Debug menu to build and run the solution.
  4. Play around and explore the source code.



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