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Obtain and Build the Code

Source Control

Use any of the listed client options to obtain the source code directly from source control. This is the recommended way to obtain the code. TurtoiseSVN is the most popular Subversion client that can be used to obtain the source code. It integrates directly into Windows Explorer. Another option is Visual Studio Team Explorer if you prefer to integrate the source control system directly in Visual Studio.


Username: <your codeplex user name>
Password: <same as your website password>

Visual Studio Team Explorer

Note: It appears that TFS can only be used by Coordinators and Developers on the project.

Server Name:
Path: tfs
Port number: 443
Protocol: https
Project Collection: TFS17
Project Name: devforcecaliburn
Username: <navigate to the Source Code tab and click on the “Visual Studio Team Explorer” link to see your username>
Password: <same as your website password>

Direct download

This method is only recommended if you really don’t want to bother with setting up the source control client. Simply navigate to the Source Code tab and click the Download link under Latest Version.

Build the Code

  1. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the source code.
  2. Open IdeaBlade.Application.Framework.sln.
  3. Press Ctrl-Shift-B or use the Build menu to build the solution
  4. Navigate to the “Bin” folder at the same level as IdeaBlade.Application.Framework.sln and locate the assemblies under the Desktop and Silverlight directories for the respective platforms.

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